by Farouk Ibrahim

Posted on August 5, 2019 at 3:54 PM (WAT)

Data analytics is basically the process of using specific tools to inspect data for the purpose of extracting information that may be useful to decision making. Data analytics should not be confused with data analysis. Data analysis deals with the methods and processes of analysing data while data analytics not only deals with the methods but also deals with the tools used to carry out these processes as well.

A data analytics platform is therefore a software platform that provides various tools that can be used to perform analytical tasks on data. This tools help in several operations including; data collection, data cleansing, data visualisation and many more.

Today, many organisations are becoming data-conscious and they are applying several tools to unravel the hidden secrets in the data they generate so as to make more data-driven decisions.

This project is a mini data analytics platform. That is, it's going to be a software platform that will provide tools for running tasks on datasets but it will be as simple as possible so that it can be completed within a short period of time. The purpose of this project is to engage in a practical software development project with data science and analytics. During the course of this project, I will be making use of popular libraries that are familiar in the python data science community and also some concepts I have stumbled upon myself.

The focus of this project is on data interpretation. This software will basically help analyse data, provide interpretation in natural language and also enable users to enter their instructions or queries in natural language. It should (in theory) eliminate the need for a data analyst to help interpret data as we aim to make reports as comprehensive as possible for non experts. So at the end of the project, a user should be able to type, 'why is sales decreasing?' and the system should be able to respond with 'sales is decreasing because of a decrease in leads conversion and I advise that you decrease product price to boost sales for the rest of the year'.

Use Case

A user creates a record title under which record files will be uploaded for example Sales or Medical records. We run some models on the dataset and store our results. The user asks us questions in english about our results and we provide them answers in english.


  • Records Uploads: Users upload record files.
  • Interpretation: The system generates analysis results in natural language.
  • Query: Users are also able to give instructions to the system using natural language.


  • Python (3.x): This is the language that will be used on the server. We will be making use of the django web framework.
  • MySQl (5.x): The database.
  • JavaScript: The client side.
  • Visual Studio Code: The editor.


As much as we would love our project to be all-awesome and all cool, we must be sincere about its limitations. At the end of the project, we should be able to identify the features that are worth including and those that are worth improving.